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As a congregational member of, First Presbyterian has something for everyone. Church isn't for perfect people. It's for hurting people, for hungry people, for growing people. It doesn't matter your background, your race, your ethnicity, or what you've been through. You are welcome here.

How is First Presbyterian organized?  

We are glad you asked. 


Jesus Christ—Head of the Church


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  •     Pastor

  •     Director of Children/Youth Ministries

  •     Director of Music Ministries

  •     Office Administrator



The names of candidates for the Boards are put forward by the Nominating Committee and elected by the congregation.



There are 12 Elders; each serves a term of 3 years.  Elders must be members of FPC.  Elders are the ruling body of the church.  They make decisions concerning the finances and the ministries of the church.  ​The majority of Elders lead one of the ministry teams highlighted below.  Ministry teams are composed of members and friends of First Presbyterian Church who volunteer for the work of the committee.









Board of Deacons   

There are 12 Deacons; each serves a term of 3 years.  Deacons must be members of FPC.  Deacons attend to the needs of the congregation in such areas as:              

  •        Transportation for members unable to access church 

  •        Funeral receptions 

  •        Communion preparation

  •        Congregational care


Board of Trustees

There are 8 Trustees; each serves a term of 3 years.  Trustees are members & friends of FPC. Trustees are responsible for the maintenance of the physical plant, and divide the work into spheres of responsibility:

  •        Grounds/Garden

  •        Building Maintenance

  •        Systems Maintenance

  •        Administration

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