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Update from FPCA's Pastor Nomination Committee (PNC)

November 2022

Thank you all for your support and prayers. We are excited to report that we are reviewing candidates for our head pastor job!

Our first two interviews are scheduled for later this month, and we expect more to follow soon! Please continue to pray for us and to continue to share the link to our PIF with those that may be interested!

A reminder about the process: there are two ways that potential candidates are coming to us – 1) via self-referral (this means they reach out to us directly after seeing our listing on our website or learning of it via word of mouth); and 2) an automated matching system that connects prepared statements presented by churches and pastor candidates. These are the Ministry Information Form and Pastor Information Form, respectively. It’s sort of like a PCUSA matching service for churches seeking pastors and pastors seeking churches.

There have been around 50 automated matches alone, plus the self-referrals. We are diligently reviewing everyone coming our way and focusing a lot of attention on folks that are self-referring, as well as focusing on creating interview questions that will help us discern how God might be calling these candidates to our congregation. Our Presbytery rep has been advising and providing great counsel along the way.

Our MIF is linked here. Please keep sharing with your networks.



Jen Allen, PNC Congregational Communications


Members of the PNC


Chair:  Joan Koenig
Co-chair:  Jeff Noble
Spiritual Leader:  Doug Pulak
Scribe:  Aromie Noe
Session Contact:  Jeannie Kazmierczak
Congregational Communications:  Jen Allen
Clerk:  Michael Bruno

Progress To Date

February 27, 2022

  • PNC elected at Congregational Meeting.


March 2022

  • Kickoff with Presbytery representative Priscilla Andre Colton


April 2022

  • PNC orientation, background reading

  • Reviewed CAT results with Tara Spuhler McCabe

May 2022

  • Continued review and discussion of CAT results, review and discussion of Town Hall results

  • Began drafting responses to narrative MIF questions


June 2022

  • PNC Commissioned

  • Continued drafting and refinement of narrative MIF questions


July 2022

  • Reviewed draft responses to MIF questions with John Molina-Moore, General Presbyter, National Capital Presbytery

  • Revision of responses based on John Molina-Moore’s feedback


August 2022

  • Session approves MIF; MIF gets published to Presbyterian referral system

  • Creating intake and interview process for candidate responses to MIF

  • Creating detailed job description for position

September 2022

  • Weekly (if not more frequent) meetings continue

  • PNC begins reviewing and sorting PIFs received via CLC (25 arrive at a time) and self referral

  • Sermons, writings, other digital footprint of potential candidates reviewed


October 2022

  • Weekly (if not more frequent) meetings continue

  • Another batch of CLC PIFs arrive, along with more self-referrals, more review and sorting

  • Job description approved by Session

  • First interview questions established

  • Interviews begin

  • Sermons of potential candidates reviewed and attended


November 2022

  • Weekly (if not more frequent) meetings continue

  • Another batch of CLC PIFs arrive, more review and sorting

  • Interviews continue, second interview questions established

  • Reference check questions established

  • Job descriptions shared with potential candidates

  • Services and sermons of potential candidates reviewed and attended

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