Update from FPCA's Pastor Nomination Committee (PNC)

September 2022

Our committee has been busy since we started meeting weekly in April 2022. We sense and understand how anxious the congregation is for movement with this committee – and we feel it individually also!

We are very excited to report that we completed a big milestone early in August – Session approved our church’s Ministry Information Form (MIF)! The MIF serves as a narrative picture of our mission and ministry and is what prospective pastors will use to discern whether God is calling them to FPCA. The MIF will be published imminently to the Presbyterian referral system where potential pastor candidates can access it and then let us know if they are interested. We also will use our church website and Facebook page to spread the word. We will share the link to the MIF with you once it's up and would appreciate you spreading it far and wide.

As part of our process, we met with John Molina-Moore, General Presbyter of National Capital Presbytery in July and it was a candid and helpful conversation. There are many churches looking for pastors now and he encouraged us to keep moving forward, reach out using all of our congregation’s contacts, and not to hesitate to pursue viable candidates.

PNC now is preparing for how we'll handle screening and interviewing candidates.

How can you help? Two things: first, thank you for your continued support and prayers; and second, be ready to share our MIF and mission with your personal networks!


Jen Allen, PNC Congregational Communications


Members of the PNC


Chair:  Joan Koenig
Co-chair:  Jeff Noble
Spiritual Leader:  Doug Pulak
Scribe:  Aromie Noe
Session Contact:  Jeannie Kazmierczak
Congregational Communications:  Jen Allen
Clerk:  Michael Bruno

Progress To Date

February 27, 2022

  • PNC elected at Congregational Meeting.


March 2022

  • Kickoff with Presbytery representative Priscilla Andre Colton


April 2022

  • PNC orientation, background reading

  • Reviewed CAT results with Tara Spuhler McCabe

May 2022

  • Continued review and discussion of CAT results, review and discussion of Town Hall results

  • Began drafting responses to narrative MIF questions


June 2022

  • PNC Commissioned

  • Continued drafting and refinement of narrative MIF questions


July 2022

  • Reviewed draft responses to MIF questions with John Molina-Moore, General Presbyter, National Capital Presbytery

  • Revision of responses based on John Molina-Moore’s feedback


August 2022

  • Session approves MIF; MIF gets published to Presbyterian referral system

  • Creating intake and interview process for candidate responses to MIF

  • Creating detailed job description for position