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At First Presyterian Church, the Board of Trustees is an active group of nine member volunteers who work to provide a welcoming, safe and inspiring physical environment in which members and visitors may worship God and serve the community.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the long term planning for the physical maintenance of the physical plant and grounds, and oversight of the day-to-day maintenance of the physical plan and the grounds of the church. In addition, they count the monies received from the congregation in the regular Sunday offerings and special offerings designated by the Session, working in cooperation with the Administration and Stewardship Teams and church financial officers to fulfill this responsibility. They also serve, along with other church officers, in the service of the Lord’s Supper.

Several times a year, the Board of Trustees hosts weekend events when volunteers of all ages bring their talents of groundskeeping, planting, pruning, cleaning and repairing to beautify the church building and grounds. For more information on volunteering with the Board of Trustees contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


As Trustees we take our collective hats off to all the volunteers who showed up Saturday morning, April 21...THANK YOU!
We accomplished a lot in a short period of time:

  • The outside garage/storage area got cleaned up and organized.
  • The "peak" on the garage was scrapped and painted.
  • The trash bin area was filthy, with trash that missed the dumpsters and we cleaned it up and fixed part of the enclosure.
  • The front lightwell area, and the two lightwells on either side of the sanctuary were cleaned out and clogged drains were opened.
  • The kitchens, including cabinets in both the first floor and social hall were thoroughly cleaned.
  • The wall in "bell cave" storage area in the basement, which we previously (thank you Bill De Lanoy) repaired, was painted and is now ready to be organized.
  • Ceiling tiles that were water marked on the first floor and in the north stairwell were replaced.
  • We made a huge dent in clearing out books in the library to get ready for First Roots construction.
  • All the window blinds on the first floor and 2nd floor were cleaned.
  • The painting of the "accent" wall in room 103 was completed.
  • Chris Taylor worked some magic with the sanctuary shutters. (The 8:30 congregants will be able to see light, without being blinded by it!) 
  • And a slew of miscellaneous items, including cleaning the chandeliers in the narthex.

A special thanks to our wonderful Iglesia Cristiana Libertad Sin Fronteras tenants, who came in numbers with enthusiasm and skill!!


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Join us for worship on Sundays at 8:30am with weekly Communion, and 11am with Chancel Choir, Children's Choir, Handbells, and Communion on the first Sunday of the month. 

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Children's and Youth Ministry

Children’s and Youth Ministry

On the second Sunday of the month, bring in any and all loose change you have to go towards our Noisy Offering! The youth have selected 12 organizations that they would like this offering to benefit. In March, the donations will benefit the World Wildlife Fund.

At First Church, we partner with families to guide and nurture children and youth, providing plenty of ways to encourage kids to know and follow Jesus Christ and be faithful members of his church. Learn how we approach spiritual development of children and youth.