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The Board of Deacons has 12 members, each serving a 3-year term. Our ministry, as set forth in Scripture, is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

The Deacons primarily reach out to the members of our congregation through care groups. Each Deacon is assigned a care group comprised of members and friends of the church and church staff. The Deacon routinely keeps in touch with the care group members, and the Deacons host luncheons and coffee hours for their care group members during the course of the year. The Deacons also reach out to members and friends of the church who have special needs through visitation, by offering transportation to church services, and providing emergency meals. We deliver the chancel flowers each Sunday to those who cannot attend church or who are celebrating a special event.

In addition to our outreach to the congregation, the Deacons help in the daily life of the church by preparing and serving communion. We provide receptions after funeral or memorial services for members and long-term friends of the church. We also organize the church’s Christmas caroling each December.

For more information about the work of the Board of Deacons, contact us.

Below is a list of the current deacons and their roles within the board.



Summary of Duties


Joan Koenig

  • Oversees overall work of the Board
  • Presides at meetings, facilitates discussion, and calls for decisions
  • Maintains the balance of work among the Deacons


Margaret Gregory

  • Conducts meetings in the absence of the Moderator
  • Assists the Moderator, as necessary, with his/her duties
  • Serves as the Deacon liaison to the Outreach Team

Recording Secretary

Dana Edwards

  • Takes minutes during the Deacon meetings
  • Prepares abbreviated Deacon meeting minutes for Session Meetings
  • Maintains archive of Deacon documents - agendas, minutes, etc.
Corresponding Secretary Anne De Lanoy
  • Maintains supply of greeting cards for communication with members
  • Sends cards from the Deacons for special and milestone occasions

Communion Coordinator

Laurel Bauer

  • Maintains the Master Communion Schedule
  • Maintains a list of people who are interested in and able to serve Communion
  • Maintains all supplies necessary for serving Communion

Congregational Care List Manager

Chip Benjamin

  • Maintains Master Congregational Care List; assigns new members or friends
  • Works with church office administrator to maintain database
  • Serves as back-up for Communion Coordinator

Crisis Care & Prayer List Coordinator

Caroline Green

  • Recruits volunteers for the Crisis Care Team and manages their work
  • Facilitates delivery of crisis care services such as emergency meals
  • Maintains Pastor and other Deacons informed of who needs services

Funeral Receptions & Major Events Coordinator

Clelia Walker

  • Coordinates funeral receptions as needed
  • Coordinates special events sponsored by Deacons as needed, for example milestone birthdays, anniversaries, moving away send-offs, etc.

Transportation Coordinator / Flowers

Scott Steele

  • Coordinates rides to church for members and friends as needed
  • Recruits volunteer drivers
  • Coordinates disposition of weekly flowers

Deacon Day (Sept.) and Christmas Caroling (Dec.) Event Organizer

Ruth Garfield

  • Organizes Deacons' Social Event in September (doughnuts, ice cream, etc.)
  • Works with Pastor & Deacons to develop list of people to visit or sing to
  • Gathers song booklets.  Recruits volunteers to run post-caroling dinner

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Children's and Youth Ministry

Children’s and Youth Ministry

On the second Sunday of the month, bring in any and all loose change you have to go towards our Noisy Offering! The youth have selected 12 organizations that they would like this offering to benefit. In March, the donations will benefit the World Wildlife Fund.

At First Church, we partner with families to guide and nurture children and youth, providing plenty of ways to encourage kids to know and follow Jesus Christ and be faithful members of his church. Learn how we approach spiritual development of children and youth.