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Eagle Scout Project



Noah has been attending First Presbyterian Church since he was a newborn.  He is a junior at Washington-Liberty High School, a Life Scout in Troop 149, and working towards rank of Eagle Scout.  Last summer, Noah started researching ideas for Eagle Scout project that would benefit the local community. After some research, he decided to build a triple compost bin located in the gardens at First Presbyterian Church.

During the months of July and August, project materials were purchased and lumber was cut for the compost bin frame.  On August 7-8, 2021, several scout and adult volunteers from Troop 149 helped build the project.


After completing the Eagle Scout project, a project report is completed that includes lessons learned in planning, leading and executing the project.  Noah’s big takeaway was "things won't always go as planned and that you have to be flexible and find alternate solutions”.

For several years, the organic matter from a single compost bin was used for the Plot Against Hunger gardens at First Presbyterian Church.  As the garden expanded, there was an increasing need for more compost to help improve plant growth and provide additional nutrients.  Composting also provided a good way to recycle leaves and other yard waste on the church’s grounds.  With the new triple bins, more compost can be generated and used for the garden.  Approximately 300 pounds of food is produced annually and donated to the Friends of Urban Agriculture.

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