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Live Like You Mean It: Finding Purpose & Passion

Fall 2023 @ First Presbyterian 






Where’s your life headed? What are the goals and values that shape how you spend your time? How you spend your money? How you balance work, family, friends and everything else that wants your attention?


This September and October, we’re focusing on how each of us can build the life that God is calling us toward. As part of that conversation, our September worship series will be called: Live Like You Mean It: Finding Purpose and Passion. Each Sunday, we’ll be reading stories from the Biblical books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We’ll talk about how we claim a vision for our lives, how we own up to mistakes, how to plan for resistance to whatever changes we’re trying to make, and how we build others up as we seek to change our own lives, as well. You’re invited to worship each Sunday at 11:00 am (starting September 10) as we wrestle with those important questions together. 


And if you’d like to go deeper on clarifying and claiming God’s vision for your life, I’ll also be leading a five-week small group on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:00 pm (September 13 to October 11). The small group will focus on clarifying your own values and goals in your life–and praying for and supporting one another as we do. Email me at to learn more about the small group series. Everyone is welcome.


No matter where God is calling you to go or what God is calling you to do, there’s a place for you here.



Pastor Billy


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