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Seeking Full-time Interim Pastor and Head of Staff

PURPOSE: First Presbyterian Church of Arlington, Virginia, is seeking a full-time Interim Pastor and Head of Staff to shepherd our congregation through pastoral transition. Located in the center of Arlington County, in the heart of the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, First Church is entering this unique time upon the honorable retirement of our longtime pastor and head of staff. We are a PCUSA body that follows a traditional worship format. With God’s grace, we will continue to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, and love our neighbors as ourselves.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Interim Pastor will work with the Session, church staff and the congregation to provide spiritual leadership, pastoral care, mission and administrative direction. The Interim Pastor will shepherd the congregation as it prayerfully discerns and identifies its mission and purpose during this time between installed ministers. Goals for the Interim Pastor include helping to maintain a sense of unity within the congregation centered on love for God and all creation. Church size is 225 active members. Full job description with listed responsibilities is available.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Interim Pastor is accountable to the Presbytery and to the Session through the Personnel Committee. The Interim Pastor would follow Personnel policies as provided in the church manual, as well as necessary agreements over credit card use and anti-harassment policies.

QUALIFICATIONS: The successful candidate should be a graduate of a nationally recognized seminary or divinity school. The Interim Pastor further will host two main traits that qualify her or him for this position: 1.) An ability to preach and teach the Word of God; and 2.) Can demonstrate excellent communication skills and serve as a motivator and leader to the church family and staff. Applicants also will have to pass appropriate background checks and Presbytery review.


  1. Two to ten years of experience as a called pastor or Interim Pastor in the Reformed Tradition, leading a church through a successful transition.
  2. Specific training in Interim Ministry per National Capital Presbytery requirement.
  3. Experience as a head of staff in a moderately sized congregation.

LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: One to two-year assignment with a 90-day release clause.

COMPENSATION: To be negotiated based on the 2020 National Capital Presbytery Compensation and Personnel Policy for Pastors, but starting with an annual salary estimated to be a minimum of $68,085. Other benefits appropriate to the full-time nature of the job will be competitive.

Interested parties please see full job description here.

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Children's and Youth Ministry

Children’s and Youth Ministry

On the second Sunday of the month, bring in any and all loose change you have to go towards our Noisy Offering! The youth have selected 12 organizations that they would like this offering to benefit. In March, the donations will benefit the World Wildlife Fund.

At First Church, we partner with families to guide and nurture children and youth, providing plenty of ways to encourage kids to know and follow Jesus Christ and be faithful members of his church. Learn how we approach spiritual development of children and youth.