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Director of Children and Youth Ministries

First Presbyterian Church, Arlington, Virginia
601 N. Vermont St.
Arlington, VA 22203


The Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry is the staff person primarily responsible for the Christian education and worship experience of children and youth from birth through 12th grade. The Director will report to the Pastor as a supervisor and to the Children’s and Youth Ministry Team (CYMT) for programs. The position is a full-time (exempt) salaried position.

Job Objective

Maintain and grow a loving, dynamic and engaging ministry to children and families in First Presbyterian Church. Make church an engaging, safe, and energetic hub of activity where families worship, nurture the Christian faith, serve, pray and are led to committed discipleship


Christian Education

  • Plan and direct the Sunday school ministry for children (age 3-12th grade)
  • Oversee and lead Rally Time, the 15 minute kick-off to Sunday School for school-age children
  • Select and recommend to CYMT and the Session curricula and other educational materials for use by children and youth in their learning activities
  • With Pastor and Session, develop Confirmation offering. Teach confirmation class
  • Lead training for volunteers, including training in teaching strategies, church policies and behavior policies
  • Develop a roster of children and youth regularly attending church: track attendance; follow-up with new families as they attend and with existing families who stop attending; check-in regularly with families, children and youth
  • Ensure the space and supplies are ready for classroom instruction
    • Including periodic updates to bulletin boards; checking and replenishing school supplies; ensuring electronic devices are operational
  • Ensure that volunteers, parents, and children understand relevant church policies
    • Including our child protection and sexual harassment policies; facilitate compliance with policies (e.g. background checks)
  • Develop a calendar for the year, coordinate recruiting to fill teaching positions including conducting initial outreach to potential teachers


  • Oversee and lead Time With Children during Sunday 11am service (potential add-on to 8:30am service during the school year)
  • Work with pastors, teachers, parents and Worship Ministry Team on leadership opportunities for children and youth during worship service
  • Oversee Bridges to Worship for school age children during worship service
  • Coordinate with children’s choir and bell choir for performances and logistics

Special Programming

  • Encourage and facilitate fellowship activities at all age levels
  • Develop and lead fellowship activities or events attractive to youth and especially high school aged youth
  • Plan and implement annual Children and Youth Sunday worship service
  • Oversee planning and operation of abbreviated summer Christian learning and fellowship opportunity for children
  • Lead or recruit others to lead Children and youth special events
  • Organize and attend up to two summer fellowship/mission trips for middle school and youth; recruit chaperones
  • Attend or support other Ministry teams as needed


  • Oversee operations of nursery including parent and nursery staff concerns/needs


  • Maintain communication with parents and families
    • Including in-person communication; and drafting emails to families; inserts in the church bulletin; articles for the church newsletter
    • Maintain communication with youth through email, social media, attending school or other events, etc. Foster relational ministry with youth
  • Reach out to families who are struggling or in the midst of transitions or life changes to ensure that church is able to help or accommodate where possible
  • Explore potential collaboration with other Presbyterian congregations in the community, i.e. for Youth activities
  • Develop a parent survey and annually survey parents, or a representative group of parents, to get feedback regarding DCYM programs
  • Coordinate with internal groups such as Session, the Ministry, Fellowship, and Worship teams, and others as necessary (attend meetings with staff, CYMT, or others as needed)


  • College degree or commensurate experience required
  • Experience leading Christian Education programs (Preferred)
  • Strong sense of God’s love and a calling for working with children, youth and parents
  • Demonstrated project management and organizational skills with a specific ability to prioritize and work independently
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a wide constituency
  • Self-Starter with minimal mentoring and supervising guidance and direction expected
  • Ability to work as a team player and advocate for CYMT priorities
  • Understanding of and commitment to the reformed faith tradition


  • The Director of Children’s and Youth Ministry reports to the Pastor/Head of Staff, is accountable to the Session and will work with direction from the Children and Youth Ministry Team.
  • The DCYM will have an annual performance evaluation conducted by the Personnel Team
  • The DCYM is also subject to all of the provisions of the First Presbyterian Church Personnel.


Salary: Salary is commensurate with experience
DCYM – books/continuing education/discretion: $1,500


Continuing education: One week per year (one Sunday)
Vacation leave: 10 days for the first year and one day added for each additional year up to 20 days (coordinated with Head of Staff and CYMT) (two Sundays)
Mandatory Work Days: Easter, Christmas Eve
Sick/family leave: 10 days of sick leave per calendar year, cumulative up to 120 days. There are provisions for Parental Leave, Medically Certified Disability Leave, and Leave with and without Pay for special situations

To apply for this position, please submit your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Children's and Youth Ministry

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